Throughout the year of the Great Mug Rug Swap, I tried to challenge myself to experiment as much as possible. However, in the dog days of August, it was hard to find the motivation to stretch my skills. So I kind of phoned it in with this simple patchwork mug rug and chose to let the fabric do the work.


I grew up along the Jersey shore, and the boardwalks there are legendary. These fabrics evoked memories of sandy feet, skeeball, T-shirt shops, and Ferris wheels, and I couldn’t resist turning them into a miniature homage to summer.

boardwalk mug rug
made by Becca Fenstermaker

In a way, it was kind of an experiment for me to sit back and not try so hard. I did a little free-motion quilting (which I didn’t have much practice with) and tried a decorative stitch on the binding (usually I hand-bind), both of which saved me a ton of time.

back of boardwalk mug rug
I promise you that my free-motion quilting skills have improved a little since then.

mug rug button




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