Last week, I didn’t feature a mug rug thanks to the craziness of the New Quilt Bloggers blog hop. This week, I’ve got one that I think fits a Mother’s Day theme.

a weekly post featuring mug rugs created by six friends during a yearlong swap

Teapot mug rug My mom coordinated the swap, and she usually contributed something with an unusual shape. One month, she resized the so-called 10-minute table runner to fit our loose definition of an mug rug size: just big enough for a mug and a cookie. For this one, she used a teapot print and a kind of over-the-top gold embellishment on the buttons. It’s spectacular.

Ten minute table runner mug rug
by Crystal Smith

(There’s so much going on in this little work of art that I only just noticed that the gold print is dragonflies…and I love¬†dragonflies.)

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