Becca Fenstermaker--Pretty Piney QuiltsI grew up listening to my mother’s sewing machine humming in the kitchen beneath my bedroom as I drifted off to sleep. She made Halloween costumes for me and for my siblings. I asked her to make dresses for special occasions like my first school dance (it was red and fabulous), my eighth grade graduation (peach–ah, 1988), and my high school graduation (cream, off-the-shoulder–perfect!). She taught me cross-stitch when I was nine or ten, but I didn’t learn to use a sewing machine until much, much later.

In 2001, I discovered that it’s practically impossible to find maternity pants long enough for a six foot tall woman. There I was, pregnant in a state far away from my mother, and I taught myself to sew simple pants with a little phone support and some advice from the kind and patient sewists at the local Hancock’s. I made a few little things for my daughter and some Christmas gifts, and then pretty much stuck to Halloween costumes for the next ten years.

In 2011, I found the time to take a quilting class at The Village Quilter, in Mount Holly, NJ, and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve taken countless classes, experimented with lots of techniques, joined a local guild and a national one, and bought several sewing machines and thousands of yards of fabric. I’ve attended professional conferences, joined blog hops, and have given workshops at my local guild.

My first quilt, from a class at the Village Quilter in Mount Holly, NJ

I started designing some of my own quilts not long after I started quilting, and my next step is to publish more original designs.

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