Binding a quilt can evoke many emotions: nostalgia, joy, boredom, anxiety, probably even rage. Google “I hate binding quilts” and 187,000 results pop up. Of course, everyone seems to have their favorite step in the quilting process, and hardly anyone would say binding is their favorite part, but with so many different ways to accomplish the task, you’re “bound” to find a way to make it less of a chore.

I’ve come to appreciate that last step to a quilt. I love that feeling of accomplishment and the anticipation of sending the quilt off to its new owner or, at least, showing off the finished product. I especially love to finish the binding by hand–it allows me to slow down and get a last long look at my work. I can sit and binge-watch television while covered by the same quilt that I’m working on, or I can be mindful of the quilt’s recipient with every stitch. I can even bring the binding to work on in the car while I’m waiting for a kid to finish up an afterschool activity.

Enough people have asked me for binding advice that I’m publishing a series of posts, including my first forays into creating video tutorials. Planned topics may include:

  • How to Make and Attach a Basic Binding to Your Quilt (up to joining the ends)
  • Finishing Your Binding by Hand
  • Finishing Your Binding by Machine
  • How to Make and Attach a Faux Flange Binding to Your Quilt
  • Alternatives to Binding

I’ll be happy to entertain suggestions for other topics! Comment on this post or e-mail your ideas or questions to me.




3 Replies to “Binding 101: Coming Soon!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I’m looking forward to my poor dry hands healing up enough that I’m comfortable putting them in a video.

  1. How about something on putting on borders so you end up with a square quilt that doesn’t “wave” at you? And what you need to know about getting your quilt top and backing ready for a longarmer?

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