Well, I’m cleaning up my studio shelves that are full of UFOs, anyway.

The recent Making Connections blog hop quilt that I finished was one of my oldest UFOs. Finishing that up made me realize that I can finish up some of those projects pretty quickly, so I looked through the piles and found a quilt-as-you-go table runner that I wanted to add more quilting to before binding it.

So I did.

qayg table runnerThen I found two little experiments I had put together after a guild workshop where we played with paints and stencils and hotfix crystals. All they needed was binding.

So I did that, too.

Fireworks minis
It’s practically impossible to capture the sparkle of the crystals in a photo.

Now that I’ve taken care of the lowest hanging fruit, I have to assess the next steps.

Most of my UFOs are lap-sized quilt tops, folded up with backings and bindings, just waiting for me to pull the trigger on the quilting. A friend’s daughter liked one a lot, so last night I got it basted with the last of my glow-in-the-dark stars fabric pieced into backing (there wasn’t quite enough of it left for the whole back) and should have it finished within the next week.

I think it’s time to make a plan to empty these shelves! Do you have a stack of quilt tops waiting for quilting, or do you always finish what you start?

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9 Replies to “Cleaning Up the Quilt Studio

  1. Oh, I have a pile of UFOs. Mostly very large quilt tops. The oldest is 4 years old, and if I recall correctly, it’s 90 inches x 90 inches. I had pieced a back… totally reversible, with a totally different color scheme and pattern on the back, and set aside the binding, but was waiting for my FMQ skills to catch up with the picture in my mind. (Curved cross-hatching) I’ve since then purchased other fabric of the backing…Ka-ching..We’ve also upgraded our mattress and added a 3 inch memory foam to the top. I doubt this quilt will even fit our new bed. I’ll lay it out on the bed first to see if I need to add borders… Then the hunt begins for coordinating fabric/s that will do the trick. I hate that I procrastinated on this quilt. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a quilt top, and I’ve let it gather dust until it’s likely not suitable of the intended use.

  2. “Lowest hanging fruit” – my husband says that too! Ha! A great way to start clearing out WIPs. I love being able to finish things quickly that have just been waiting for their day in the sun! Thanks for sharing for the festival!

  3. I had a few WIPs, my entry to this festival was one of them started and finished this year. I just have one WIP left, my Christmas lap quilt, which has been bumped for my Art with Fabric blog hop next month.

  4. I do not finish everything I start . . . but if I get it to the point of being a finished quilt top, then I quilt it. I have several started projects that are still in various pieced stages. I wonder if there is anyone that starts and completes every project. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. What??! FINISH something!!?? My strengths lie in starting stuff…buying the stuff, thinking this is going to be the BEST thing I’ve made, actually beginning the craftiness, working on it for 2 days, then BAM! A squirrel! Off to the next best thing I’ve made… LOL
    Love the hotfix sparklies, even have them in my crafty storage room. One day I’ll use some of them again.

  6. Oh, I have lots of WIPs and UFOs. Most of the UFOs are from classes and I used them for learning the technique so not sure I’ll finish them. Some of the UFOs are needing quilting.

  7. Hahahaha! As if I always finish what I start! However, I am making an effort to pare down the pile this year, with some success. I love your dark blue with stars!

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