Today I wrote a quick fabric postcard tutorial.

For several years now, I’ve received regular emails from The World Needs More Love Letters with letter requests–people nominate loved ones who they think could use a pick-me-up, and anyone who wants to write them a letter of support can mail one in to that bundle. Sometimes, I respond to every request. Other times, none. Most often, it’s somewhere in between.

From December 3-14, The World Needs More Love Letters is running its biggest, grandest, most festive love letter writing campaign of the year. They put a bow on the holiday season by rolling out 12 letter requests over a span of 12 days. That’s a whole lot of holiday cheer!

Each day, a new letter request is posted to the More Love Letters blog. Write one letter or submit a note to all 12 bundles. The choice is yours! All letters should be postmarked by December 20, 2018. Your love letters will be bundled up with other letters from across the world and delivered by the new year.

When I saw today’s letter request, I knew I had to respond. I decided to use my Ransom note paper stitching to make a fabric postcard. I’ve made postcards in the past using a cardstock postcard for the back, but I ran out of the cards and decided to try all fabric.

quilted fabric postcard

Fabric Postcard Tutorial

To make this card, you need:

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse one piece of white fabric to each piece of stabilizer. Use your walking foot to stitch light blue lines about 1/4″ apart on one piece. Add two red lines perpendicular to the blue lines about 1 1/4″ from the left side. Free motion stitch your lettering in black thread, then doodle a heart in pink.

Fuse the front and back of the postcard together. Zigzag stitch around the entire postcard twice.

Use a Micron pen to fill in the back of the postcard. Affix a self-sticking stamp firmly with your fingers. Here are the requirements from the USPS for the thickness your postcard should be in order to qualify for the lower postcard postage. If you’re not sure if yours qualifies, just use a regular first-class mail stamp. I put on too much postage but frankly, I’m lazy and out of Forever stamps, and just stuck on two very old stamps to be sure.

quilted fabric postcard

I read somewhere to write POSTCARD on it, but I don’t think that’s necessary, especially since I put on enough stamps to mail an elephant. Still, I had room, so I added it as an example anyway.

quilted fabric postcard

Here’s the request that I responded to:

We received a heartbreaking request that shared a glimpse of the pain which Ashley is going through. Her almost sister-in-law wrote to us:

“Ashley’s fiance (my brother, Chris) killed himself last month. Unfortunately, Ashley and her seventeen year old daughter were the people to find him. On top of the devastation that would come with your fiance committing suicide, Ashley is also carrying his son, who will be born sometime around December or January. As well as custody of Chris’ daughter being with her mother. So overnight her family of five (soon to be six) lost two members.

Ashley goes through cycles of blaming herself–and her nine year old daughter is blaming her as well, which makes it even more difficult. She is going through an incredibly difficult time in her life, questioning what she could have done to cause such heartbreak and loss. I know she is scared of the future of having to raise three children on her own. I can’t imagine the pain she is going through, because losing a brother is so different than losing a lover. I’m asking you to remind her that she’s loved and that even though things are dark now, they will get better.”

Grab your pens + join us in bringing some light to Ashley’s life.


Ashley’s bundle

℅ Brittany M.

16 Dartmouth Rd.

Somers Point, NJ 08244



The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is a perfect way for you to show up this season and help people in need around the world. Grab your friends or classmates, kids or students, and rally together to bring some goodwill into the world this December. All you need is some stationery (or this fabric postcard tutorial) and a few stamps. Read more about how it works in the Frequently Asked Questions.


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Fabric Postcard Tutorial: 12 Days of Love Letter Writing

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