Today is National Meteor Watch Day! What better day could there be to show you a preview of my upcoming Meteor Watch quilt pattern?

The Origin Story

Back in 2016, I participated in a blog hop with fellow alumnae of the Sew Pro convention. That convention truly began the Pretty Piney blog and opened my eyes to the possibility that I could be a designer, too. (You can read more at An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Convention.) For the blog hop, each blogger created a project inspired by their own experience at Sew Pro. I designed a mini quilt called More Alike. (You can read about the making of More Alike at Giveaways and a Mini Quilt Reveal: Sew Pro Stars Blog Hop-Day Five!)

More Alike Mini Quilt
“More Alike” by Becca Fenstermaker, 24″ x 24″

More Alike was a hit with everyone who saw it in person and got a fair amount of attention on Instagram. Lots of quilters asked me to write a pattern. Now, bear in mind that I dyed the 24 different shades of (non-background) fabric for this myself and many of those stars and flying geese are an inch wide. I said, “Maybe.”

a shocking development

After a while, I realized that I still love that quilt and I’m not tired of looking at it. Hmmm, maybe I could come up with a simplified and enlarged version that still had great movement and color and lots of negative space.


I wrote a pattern, and I sent it off to two of my favorite quilters in the world to see what they thought.

And they made their own versions.

Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern
Beth Plummer (@swandiva)
Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern
Crystal Smith (@cjs830)

And I made mine.

Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern
Well, here’s the top draped over my portable design wall! What, did you think I wasn’t going to hold anything back? No full view of the finished quilt until release day!

Meteor Watch is a twin-sized quilt suitable for a confident beginner. The pattern will be released soon, and the best way to find out about it is to sign up for the newsletter. Anyone subscribed before the Meteor Watch quilt pattern release will receive a special exclusive discount on their purchase.Newsletter sign up button

5 Replies to “Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern Preview

    1. I’ve learned SO much from the quilting community! Between the New Quilt Bloggers, Sew Pro, and an assortment of Facebook groups, I’ve found answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask. Isn’t it wonderful?

    1. Thanks, Paula! I’d love to go to another Sew Pro. It would feel like an entirely different event to me now that I have more specific goals. And I’d get to see SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE again, and meet great new people, too!

  1. Oh, gosh that’s beautiful! I love making flying geese, so that part’s no problem. Making Sawtooth stars using flying geese is no problem. So … that means there’s no problem! I just have to wait for the pattern now. =)

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