Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern

As a nine-year-old, I wanted to be an astronomer. That’s the year I got my first telescope. I don’t remember any specific event that led to my interest, but I’ve never lost my fascination with stars, planets, comets, and meteors.

So what could be more natural than designing a quilt that features a night sky full of falling stars AND is a perfect size to lie on or wrap up in to watch a meteor shower on a fabulous clear night?

Meet the Meteor Watch quilt!

Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern
pieced by Becca Fenstermaker and quilted by Jo Kuchera

The Meteor Watch quilt pattern is available NOW as a downloadable pdf file only. Suitable for a confident beginner, the twin-sized (72″ x 90″) quilt features lots of negative space to either fill in with an all-over pattern or to highlight some spectacular custom quilting.

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The cover version, made with Grunge Basics by Basic Grey for Moda, features a scrappy binding for color balance. To see other colorways (and learn the origin story of the design!), check out the Meteor Watch Quilt Pattern Preview post.

Meteor Watch Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Meteor Watch Quilt

Can you explain a little more about snipping the seam allowances on the flying geese?

Sure! My personal preference when pressing the seams on flying geese is to press AWAY from the point. Whenever I press toward the point, the bulk makes a bump that I really don’t like–even if I press the seams open. This presents a bit of a problem when you sew flying geese next to each other, just like at the bottom of Meteor Watch, because all of the adjacent seams are pressed in the same direction. If you don’t mind that bump, then simply pressing the seams open will be fine. If you don’t mind joining the columns with those seams pressed in the same direction, go right ahead! But if you’re like me and a little finicky about nesting your seams and reducing bulk, you can make two careful little snips on each affected seam, then press the two snipped segments toward the point to get a smoother finish.

Where can I find the fabrics that you used to make the cover quilt?

I used Moda Grunge Basics to make the cover quilt. The exact fabrics are listed in the pattern, but there are so many options in the collection that you can get a very different look if you want to.

Where can I learn more about watching meteor showers?

Here are a few of my favorite sites:

Download Meteor Watch Now

Buy the Printed Version of Meteor Watch

Catch a falling star with this pattern for confident beginners! Piece 4 flying geese at a time for a quick quilt, then cozy up for a night under the stars.

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  1. A gorgeous pattern – congratulations. It has such great appeal for so many! I do love those grunge basics.

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