Yesterday started out as a day to get caught up. On everything. Housework, e-mails, you name it.

Somehow, I ended up in a chain of events that led to me creating a mini-quilt for a challenge.

When I got an iPad, I spent some time playing with drawing apps to learn about their capabilities. I don’t know why I saved this, but it caught my eye while I searched for a photo to send to someone.

My inbox was jam-packed, and I deleted lots of things without reading them, but I stopped to take a look at the e-mail from Curated Quilts. Each issue features mini-quilts based on a common theme that are submitted by readers. I’ve pledged to avoid any more challenges and/or swaps than what I’m currently participating in (for a while, at least), but as soon as I saw this one, something clicked. I knew that I had to create a Minimal Mini based on the design I had drawn months before when I was experimenting with a drawing app.

So I did.

Minimal Mini
Cattywampus, by Becca Fenstermaker December 2017 10 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ made using Kona solids (black, slate, and bright pink), Cotton + Steel Flower Shop (Cipher Citron), and Aurifil 50wt threads 1100, 1147, 2625, & 2692)

It’s semi-improvisational. I didn’t draw out a plan, and I didn’t measure anything except the angles on the triangles and when I squared things up. The idea for adding stitching to the binding came from Quilt Jane.

The final binding stitch went in less than a day after I read the e-mail. (But I didn’t finish doing the dishes.)

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  1. Cattywampus is one of my favorite words that I have forgotten. I sympathize with the way you feel about minimalism – I too have a hard time going there. The dishes will still be there and no one harmed in the experiment! Good luck with your entry.

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