take a sip of inspirationIt’s summer, and we’re in full summer-camp swing out here in Pretty Pineyland. I’ve got one kid off climbing things and whitewater rafting, and the other is currently participating in a half-day camp. It’s not just any old camp, though. It’s…


Yes, my son heads off every day to the county vocational-technical school to bake and decorate cupcakes. And I get to eat them. (Well, some of them.)

This week’s mug rug isn’t from the Great Mug Rug Swap of 2014. Instead, it’s from a guild swap that was inspired by the GMRSo2014 (awkwaaard…won’t call it THAT again). It’s embellished with a sweet little button and hand-quilted by the talented and lovely Shirley Beckett of the Berry Basket Quilters.

cupcake mug rug
This mug rug was made by Shirley Beckett.

detail of cupcake mug rug

The Crafty Gemini has a free appliqué cupcake mug rug tutorial along with a video.

mug rug buttonIf you could go to any kind of summer camp, what kind would it be?

mug rug monday