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In many parts of the United States, the new school year has already begun! Here in New Jersey, most students go back to school after Labor Day (the first Monday in September), so we’re busy shopping for school supplies and making sure everyone has shoes that fit and aren’t flip-flops (known as “thongs” in some countries).

My kids are getting ready to start 8th and 10th grade. I can’t wait! This simple mug rug is shown here in honor of the $100+ worth of notebooks, pencils, and three-ring binders waiting to head down the driveway and catch the big yellow bus next week.

mug rug school supplies
This mug rug was made by Jane Logan Pszczolkowski.

Most teachers have more mugs than they need, but I bet your child’s favorite teacher would appreciate a gift card to a local coffee shop accompanied by a personalized mug rug made from this pattern by Patchwork Pottery.

mug rug buttonmug rug monday



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  1. Fun idea for the start of school! Kind of glad to be out of this cycle, but fun to watch others start. In Maine, the weather really feels like fall, cool starts – warm days – cool nights, which is really my favorite kind of weather!

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