take a sip of inspirationMug rugs can be a great way to send a message to someone you care about. Also, possibly, to someone you don’t particularly like, but that seems like a lot of work to tell someone they’re terrible. So maybe we’ll just stick with the positive here. Like this sweet message, which Google tells me is a Norwegian saying (and it very well could be).

Cookies Mug Rug
This mug rug was made by Nancy Turnbull.

You can include a message that’s been pre-printed on commercial fabric (like this week’s featured mug rug!), or add one of your own. You might even just include a tag or little card explaining to your recipient what a mug rug is and how to take care of it. I found a thread on a message board with some suggestions for poems and sayings to send along with your mug rugs.

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