take a sip of inspirationIt’s been frigid here lately in New Jersey, and I’m definitely happier inside with my sewing machine than anywhere outside. So rather than putting on my mittens, I’ll drink some hot cocoa and set the mug down on this mitten-shaped mug rug instead.

Mitten Mug Rug
This mug rug was made by Crystal Smith.

Crystal traced a mitten shape around her own hand to create a pattern. She added a sparkly felt snowflake appliqué and a fabulously soft and fuzzy cuff. She even used mitten fabric for the back. So cute! Wouldn’t a mitten-shaped mug rug garland be a great idea?

Mitten Mug Rug back

mug rug button

mug rug monday


2 Replies to “Mug Rug Monday–Fuzzy Mitten

  1. Another fun mug rug – and perfect for the deep freeze we have all been in! I like the idea of a string of them!

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