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This mug rug with a tiny quarter Dresden fan in the corner lives on my cutting table. It serves as a landing pad for a drink and my cell phone. It’s useful on those days when I’m tossing pieces of projects every which way and could easily lose those two important items. So, it’s useful EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’ve got to move my thread catcher, though. It sits next to the mug rug, and sometimes a little thread ends up in my drink.

Dresden Fan Mug Rug
This mug rug was made by Becca Fenstermaker.

For this mug rug, I decided to use up some of the tiniest scraps that were left over from a block of a month project and see how tiny I could make a Dresden fan. Each blade is about 2″ long. I love the quilting on this one.

Check out this cool version of a Dresden mug rug–I’m sorely tempted to make one!

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