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The paper pieced spool mug rug stays on my dresser and serves as a temporary holding area for beverages, necklaces, cell phones, or whatever else I need to remember to pick up again shortly. I love the varied fabrics that the maker put on the spool to resemble wound-up thread, and she also added a backing fabric with some great messages.

Paper Pieced Spool Mug Rug
This mug rug was made by Nancy Turnbull (I think).

Back of Paper Pieced Spool Mug RugBack of Paper Pieced Spool Mug RugThere are plenty of patterns available for paper pieced spool mug rugs and blocks. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you get a free pattern for a nametag featuring paper pieced spools, too!Newsletter sign up buttonmug rug button

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2 Replies to “Mug Rug Monday–Paper Pieced Spool

  1. Lovely mug rug! I am always a bit stymied when it comes to ideas for these things. So much fun to see the variety you post.

    1. Kathleen, it turns out that this is the LAST individual Mug Rug Monday post! There’s a round-up of all of the posts coming on July 2–I hope you’ll bookmark it for future reference. I’m fortunate to have gotten to swap with such talented makers!

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