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After over a year of Mug Rug Mondays, we’ve reached the end of the collection! I hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration to experiment with new techniques and patterns on a small scale. Here’s a round-up of every featured mug rug, categorized into a few of the recurring themes (some mug rugs appear in more than one category). Click on a thumbnail to visit the original post.

Food and Drink | Special Days | USA Themed | Love and Marriage | Hobbies and Pastimes | Flora and Fauna | Christmas | Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn | Machine Embroidered | Folded | Traditional

Food and Drink

ransom mug rug coffeecupcake mug rugCookies Mug Rugwedding cake mug rug


boardwalk mug rugmug rug candy cornmug rug pineappleMug Rug Sweet Victory

Special Days

Easter Egg Mug RugGroundhog Mug RugMug Rug Saint Patrick

wedding cake mug rug


mug rug trick or treat


Dog Tags Camo Mug Rug

USA Themed

Paper Pieced US Flag Mug RugPatriotic Flip Flop Mug RugStars-n-Stitches Forever mug rug embroideryflag appliqued mug rug

Love and Marriage

Mug Rug Sweet Victory

wedding cake mug rug

Hobbies and Pastimes

Paper Pieced Spool Mug Rug

Quilt Shop Mug Rug

Flora and Fauna

Mug Rug Penguin


Mug Rug Christmas TreePeriwinkle Mug RugMug Rug Bright LightsMug Rug Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Panel Mug Rug


Folded Star Mug RugSnowman Family Mug RugSnowman Mug RugSnowflakes Mug Rug

Groundhog Mug Rug

Mitten Mug Rug


Easter Egg Mug Rug


Flip Flop Mug Rug Embroideryboardwalk mug rugPatriotic Flip Flop Mug Rug


Raw Edge Leaves Mug Rugsmug rug candy cornmug rug pumpkin

mug rug trick or treat

Machine Embroidered

Stars-n-Stitches Forever mug rug embroideryQuilt Shop Mug Rugmug rug breast cancer


Flip Flop Mug Rug Embroidery


Ten minute table runner mug rugBig Folded Bow Tie Mug RugFolded Star Mug Rug

Bow Tie Mug Rug

Traditional Blocks, Panels, and Variations

Monogram Mug RugDresden Fan Mug RugLog Cabin Mug RugString Geese Mug Rugmug rug quilt patterns

mug rug pineapple


mug rug sashiko

Low Volume Batik Mug Rugmug rug leaf

mug rug monday

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  1. I’ve so enjoyed your Mug Rug Mondays Becca. I will miss it!
    Even though I’ve given everyone I know many mug rugs and have oodles in my house, I can’t stop making them. Thanks for all the inspiration! 😊

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