Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to make things and do puzzles of all kinds.

So she decided to learn to quilt.

(I never said it was a long story.)

Anyway, back in 2011, I’d been a casual sewist for a long time, and my mother had been quilting pretty much non-stop for well over a decade. She’d been asking me to learn for a while, so when I finally found myself in a position where I had the time, she suggested I take a class at a quilt shop.

I packed up my cheap-o sewing machine that I’d bought at the PX years before, and went to The Village Quilter in Mount Holly, NJ.

nine patch
My first quilt block EVER!

We used the Beginning Quilting by Machine curriculum by Debbie Welch, which offers a pattern that includes Nine Patch blocks, Monkey Wrench blocks, and two borders. I chose to make a baby quilt. We learned tips on selecting fabric, cutting, pressing, quarter-inch seams, all the basics! But the most valuable lesson that I learned from my esteemed teacher, Sue, was:

relax your shoulders

And here’s what happened:

my first quiltI gave the quilt to a new baby on my family’s farm.

And then I kept quilting, and quilting, and quilting, and I plan to keep on quilting for as long as I’m able.

And that’s the story of my first patchwork quilt.

It’s been almost six years, and I’ve shown no signs of losing interest.

Tell me about your first quilt!

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13 Replies to “My First Quilt

  1. Fantastic story! I pieced a quilt top and did the binding for my first quilt when I was in high school. My paternal grandmother offered to hand quilt a lap sized quilt for me to take to college, and that’s how it all started for me!

  2. I was 16 when I made my first quilt which resulted in my receiving jewelry and a marriage proposal (I said no). Sadly, I have no pictures of it. I guess you’ll just have to go read it to find out why not. I think it was the second post I wrote on my blog. Your first quilt is lovely.

  3. I guess I was a “casual sewist” before I started quilting. What a great term!
    Hope you enjoy this wonderful hobby – you did fantastic for a first. My first was not so pretty, course it would have helped if I had taken a class too.

  4. Your story is great.
    Okay, so here we go.
    I began quilting on October 8, 1994. Everyone asks me, “How could you possibly remember the first day your began quilting.
    It was right after the Jewish New Year, I think. I made three New Year’s resolutions, because I thought it would be fun around that time of year, and I might be more successful, instead of making them at the beginning of the calendar year. They were in no particular order;
    1. Learn how to quilt.
    2. Become better on the computer and learn the basic MS software programs.
    3. Start a micro bakery out of my home.
    October 8 was a Saturday, and Columbus Day weekend. I went to my LQS, and signed up for a class, learned a few basic things, and purchased all my supplies. I was so excited.

    I was recently divorced and all my friends were pushing me to go to a Jewish dance. There was no computer dating then. I was sure it would be a dorkfest, but decided I would go that night for 1 hour. I was supposed to go to a party, but a guy who I was dating and recently broke up with was going to be there, and I was not in the mood to hear him whine. So I went to the dance.
    When I first got there I realized there were many more men than women, and they did not seem dorky at all. I spotted a handsome looking guy, but he never came over to me. Although I met many other men who were nice that evening, but they were not my type. I noticed the attractive bald man by the door, and my hour was about to end.
    I thought, “this is perfect. I’ll go over to talk to him, and I can quickly exit if he’s not for me.”
    But he was charming and down to earth, was also divorced. And he was supposed to be somewhere else that night, but decided to go to this dance instead.

    We were the last ones to leave the dance. We traded phone numbers, and when I got home my phone was ringing. He wanted to make sure I got home safely. Not many men would that in those days. The rest is history, and we’ve been married for 21 years.
    That’s how come I know the exact date I began my first quilt. And he had a mustache for sixteen years, and shaved it off before the dance.

    1. This is, hands down, the greatest comment I’ve ever had on my blog. Anne, thanks so much for sharing your lovely story!

  5. Fun little story about your beginning to quilt. My first quilt was a sampler all done by hand. I still use it and love it. It took 16 years to finish as I was married, made some by machine for my 3 sibs that got married, and had a child. Truth be told there were many years I only put an hour or so into it.

  6. Your first quilt turned out GREAT!!! Curriculum by Debbie Welch from Quilting Possibilities?? If so, she was a member of my Quilt Bee when I lived in NJ. I remember when the shop was still in her basement!!

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