Things are a little crazy out here in the Pines right now, but I’m still keeping up with a couple of quilt alongs and blocks of the month–it’s a miracle!

First Time Driver

One of my kids just got their driver’s permit, so we’ve been spending a lot of time out on the road. There’s also a trip to Germany coming up this summer, so we’re getting everything organized for THAT (passport! luggage! lots and lots of paperwork!). The other kid is wrapping up eighth grade, so we’ve been dealing with all of the crazy end-of-the-school-year stuff (field trips! concert!) plus the special graduation event plans (new dress clothes! new shoes! this kid still has a lot of growing to do!). Plus my in-laws came to visit–and my studio gets converted into a guest room when we have house guests.

Comfort Quilt-Along
Comfort Quilt-Along with Amy Ellis

Despite all of this, I’m (mostly) keeping pace with the Comfort Quilt-Along with Amy Ellis. We’re about halfway done. I decided to use my collection of Literary by Crimson Tate. I also signed up for the 2018 Summer Sampler, and have opted to shop my stash–an assortment of bright solids for the backgrounds set behind grayscale prints.

Summer Sampler 2018 Quilt-Along
Summer Sampler 2018

I also had the opportunity to attend a workshop with my local guild, the Berry Basket Quilters. We all brought scraps to make “Liberated Houses” with Barb Vedder. It was SO much fun! I have all sorts of plans for some additional blocks to add to my neighborhood.Liberated HousesAs proof that I do occasionally finish quilts that aren’t minis, two couples were presented with baby quilts in the past month or so. “No Crying” was made using a pattern from Treasures in Time.

No Crying Baseball Baby Quilt
“No Crying”

I drafted “Ladyslipper” myself. The father chose one fabric that he liked, and I designed around that fabric. Both baby quilts were made to be used, and I provided washing instructions as encouragement!

Ladyslipper Baby Quilt

Finally, I created a mini for one of my local art quilt groups. Our prompt this time was “Lines”. I had a great idea that I let simmer for a while, only to discover that I couldn’t really do what I wanted within the space limitations. So I set that one aside and whipped up this little guy instead. It uses only my own hand-dyed fabric. In fact, the rusty looking background bits and the binding are from a bin where I had guests at a dyeing party pour their leftovers after finishing with their pieces.

Lines Challenge Art Quilt
“Fire Escape”

You may notice a few little changes around the website as I try to get everything squared away for the General Data Protection Regulation that takes effect soon. It’s a European Union regulation to give citizens control over their personal data, but it affects Pretty Piney, too, because I do get plenty of visitors from the EU (hi, guys!).

So, here’s what I’m doing:

  • I’m asking all newsletter subscribers (not just from the EU) to update their profiles to show that you have deliberately asked for e-mail communications.
  • I’m developing a privacy policy (definitely a work in progress, but you can find a link in the blog footer).
  • I’ve added a pop-up bar at the bottom for you to acknowledge that this website uses cookies.
  • A list of the cookies used by the various widgets and add-ons on the site will be added soon, but meanwhile here are some ways you can check out what cookies a website uses from your own browser.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber and you’re not sure if you’ve opted in, you can drop me an e-mail and I’ll double check for you. If you’re NOT a newsletter subscriber, why not subscribe today?ย Newsletter sign up buttonLinked to Friday Foto Fun with Powered By Quilting, Pieceful Sunday with JANDA Bend Quilting, Colour Inspiration with Clever Chameleon, and Wednesday Wait Loss with The Inquiring Quilter.

9 Replies to “Quilt Alongs, Babies, and Cookies–Oh, My!

    1. Thanks, Tierney! Only one member of the family is traveling to Germany this summer. My kiddo is an amazing German student, and she’s participating in an intensive language program! The younger one will be at camp for part of that time, so at some point you’ll read about my quilting field trip that’s in the works…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I view the GDPR as a good thing, but we will all have a little bit of growing pains as we learn, adapt, and change in order to comply. You certainly have been busy and I hope that all the driving time is starting to go smoother with the new driver. I’d love to see more details on the “No Crying’ quilt – does it hold a special secret, because every new parent probably would love that kind of a quilt!?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I donโ€™t miss tht crazy end of the school year time. Those baby quilts are just adorable and it is wonderful when you can get someone to use them. I will have to pay attention to those rules, too. UGH. So impressed with what you are getting done amidst the chaos!

  3. Gosh this sure brought back memories! Those were crazy busy times. My only is still in school but graduates from college next year. That will be busy, but not in the same way. Love your quilts! So many, and so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss!

  4. Hi Becca,
    Isn’t it grand, having a new driver in the family?! It know there is a little nail bitting at first but once they are past the permit stage, it is so fab to send them to the store or to do some car pooling of sibs. I just love Fire Escape!! That is so cool. And your baseball quilt I adore. I had to make a Cubs Clark quilt last year for my nephew. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. This is the second post I have seen on the Amy Ellis quilt along. Beautiful blocks. It looks like you are getting lots done in spite of being busy. Have fun on the trip to Germany. I am very jealous.

  6. You are a very brave Mum doing the driving lessons…. that is definitely going to be hubby’s job! We lived in Germany for 3 months, your kid will have an amazing experience. Love your lines piece – fascinating. And thanks for linking up your pretty Ladyslipper quilt at Clever Chameleon.

  7. The are all gorgeous, it would be hard for me to choose a favorite. I cant say if I would choose the colors in Ladyslipper or the design of Fire Escape.

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