How many of you guessed that a sewing machine would be the first block for Sew Let’s Quilt Along? Sandra Healy Designs really came through with a fantastic way to kick off this quilt along!

Sew Let's QAL Sewing Machine Quilt Block

This block measures 24″ wide and 18″ tall when finished, but don’t worry–the other blocks will fit perfectly with it if you decide to make the whole quilt, and the project hosts will have lots of ideas for you if you decide to stick with the smaller projects.

Missed the introduction to Sew Let’s Quilt Along?

Read this first!

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Sew Let's Quilt Along organization

I know when I first looked at the cutting list, I felt a little overwhelmed, but you have no reason to feel that way! Just take a pencil and check off each piece as you cut it, and keep all the pieces labeled. (I used Alphabitties and Clover Wonder Clips.) Sandra has her instructions so well organized that you’ll manage just fine.

A design wall would be useful for keeping track of which pieces go where, but you can keep labels on the pieces for as long as you need to even if you don’t have that option.

Spools of thread

Embroidery is clearly not a strong point for me, but I really liked the look of the long stitch versus machine stitching for the spools (especially when I found orange AuriFloss in my stash!). I think I’m going to take a little invisible thread and put a couple of stitches in to couch those long stitches down, though. I’m sure I’ll snag them somewhere if I don’t.

Sew Let's Quilt Along really bad embroidery

See? I’m really bad at embroidery (but to be fair, it was really hard to see with that background). Still, the needle looks okay from a distance. Thanks, background!


I picked red, yellow, and green buttons, but haven’t stitched them on yet. Instead, I put them in a tiny bag and pinned the bag to the block so I don’t lose the buttons before finishing the quilt.

Sew Let's Quilt Along

What’s Next?

Partners in Design Logo

Segment One Hosts

Abbie of Sparkle On!
April of JANDA Bend Quilts
Becca of Pretty Piney Quilts (that’s me!)
Bobbi of Snowy Days Quilting
Karen of Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, & Eats
Kathleen of Kathleen McMusing
Sandra of Sandra Healy Designs
Sandy of SandyStar Designs
Sherry of Powered by Quilting

How to Enter the Prize Drawing

Hold your horses! Remember, this time around the prize drawings are held after each segment instead of after each block. Here’s a refresher about how it all works:

We’ve divided the quilt-along into three segments, with prizes at the end of each segment (plus the grand prize at the end of the whole thing). Because oh yes, there are prizes! Before the end of each segment, make all of the designers’ blocks in that segment and share either one photo of the blocks together or one photo of each block, but all posted at the same time in one location (all in one Facebook post, or all in one Instagram post, or all in one blog post). Here are the three ways you can enter:

  • Join the Partners in Designs Facebook group and post your entry there.
  • Post your entry on Instagram with the hashtag #SewLetsQAL.
  • Link up to a linky party that will appear at the end of each segment on the segment hosts’ blogs. (It’s the same linky party on every participating blog, so you only need to link up ONCE.)

The Prize Drawing for Segment One: May 21, 2019

Segment One entries open on May 7, 2019 (midnight Eastern time) and close on May 20, 2019 (11:59 pm Eastern). Here’s what you could win if you make all of the Segment One blocks (#1-#5):

The next block releases on March 26, 2019.

16 Replies to “Sew Let’s Quilt Along Block One: Sewing Machine

    1. Thank you! I remember that the Alphabitties came in a subscription box, and they beat the heck out the scraps of paper that I used before. 😀

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I look forward to seeing what you decide to do. (Or, as Google Translate says: Obrigada por suas palavras gentis! Estou ansioso para ver o que você decide fazer.)

    1. Lol, if I was worried about perfection I’d have either redone the stitches or just NOT shown that particular detail! I decided that if anyone asked, it’s an intentional decision to represent a well-worn needle that’s due for replacement. What do you think?

  1. I think your block is fabulous! Those alphabittis are perfect for this aren’t they. I am thinking of a little fabric glue for the big stitch on the spoils.

    1. Thank you! I thought about glue, but was worried that my clumsy fingers might overdo it. Even the fine-tipped applicator one makes me a little nervous!

  2. Your version is wonderful. I love green! I’m making mine on the 15th – Quilting Day, and it is a perfect thing for that day. I’m going to modify it a little to look more like my machine, and make it in blues and white. This is going to be so much fun!

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