Jaybird Ballerina Quilt
“Ballerina” pattern by Jaybird Quilts

Last summer, a friend’s daughter decided that she liked a quilt top (circa 2012 or 2013) on my Unfinished Object shelf. The pattern is “Ballerina” from Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, and I remember that the quilt went together easily (and I only learned to quilt in late 2011)…except for my cutting error! The fabrics came packaged as a kit, and when I made a rather large mistake with one of the fabrics (all my fault: not the kit’s fault, and not the pattern’s fault), I didn’t have enough left to cut replacement pieces. So, if you look VERY closely (please don’t), you just might spot a slight tonal variation in two of the triangles. Apparently the fabric I bought to fix my error was from a different lot.

Measure twice and cut once doesn’t mean a thing if you measure wrong both times.

Anyway, I finished that UFO and it’s ready to go warm some small tootsies! It’s been renamed “Trampoline” for the recipient, who enjoys jumping and flipping on the trampoline with my son. I also pulled out one of my other quilts to send along for my friend’s other daughter. It seemed like they should go together. I’m calling it “Hydrate” because of an incident that occurred while she was hanging out with my older kiddo. Why not.Two Orange Quilts

You may notice a few little changes around the blog. That’s because I’ve joined the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop! I participated last year as a much greener blogger, so this year I hope to refine my skills and polish up some of the areas on the blog that need a little attention. It’s not just great motivation for some virtual spring cleaning, it’s a great way to connect with other quilters. Plus, I’ll introduce YOU to them! The actual blog hop will run from April into May, so watch for more information. Some terrific sponsors have stepped up, and of course you’ll be able to enter to win prizes!

Curated Quilts Triangle Mini

Finally, I put together a mini for the next Curated Quilts mini quilt challenge. The theme is: TRIANGLE. At first I was skeptical of the color palette for this one, but it just keeps growing on me. I loved the matchstick quilting process, and by the way, my original idea had this oriented in a different direction. It’s amazing how different it feels in each orientation!Triangle options

Which way would you display this quilt?


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10 Replies to “Starts and Finishes

  1. Hi Becca,
    I just love your triangles quilt! I started reading, scrolled down a bit too far and had a hard time going back up to read more . . . this little mini just kept drawing me to it. I would definitely display it the way you chose in the first picture. And, I love, love, LOVE LOVE the quilting. It is just perfect. Love it, in case I didn’t emphasize it enough. We will have fun tweaking our blogs, and I am looking forward to the blog hop. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. It sounds like the new quilt bloggers blog hop is off to a great start and I am definitely excited to follow along with the hop in April and May. I think your mini is great,a nd I like the idea of the triangles either being grouped at the top and tumbling down or being at the bottom and the last few falling to settle on top.

  3. Enjoy the hop this year! I didn’t repeat due to other commitments, but already things are looking snazzier for you! I think I like the one on the top, majority of triangles on the left. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. Wow those two quilts look great together! Lucky recipients, and fyi I did not notice any variation in tone at all! Cute mini too! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF! (and for giving the NQBBH a shout-out)

  5. What a fun post – first of all, Hoorah for a UFO finish! The quilts you’re sending to the girls are pretty – they’re sure to love them. And I really dig your challenge mini! Great colors together, and superb dynamics in it. I’d make a way that I could put it up in my studio and be able to periodically rotate it, because I really, REALLY love its different effects, and it would be so fun to change it up every couple of weeks.

  6. I love your triangle quilt with most of the triangles on the top…stalactites that just couldn’t hold on!! Both your gift quilts are cute and they girls should really enjoy getting them!

  7. Hi! I, too, would display it with the mass of the triangles on the left. That way feels the most optimistic for some reason. Go figure.

    1. Beth, it’s funny you should say that, because that’s EXACTLY why I went with that one. I think it’s balanced enough to work in any orientation, but that left-to-right motion just feels right to me!

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