I love pretty things.

I love practical things.

So, boy, when I find something that’s both pretty AND practical, sign me up!


I forget how I originally ran across CloBird Designs, but I know that it was last year when I first made


the free Tulip Case (easy and adorable), then played with cork for the Clementine wallet (still my favorite wallet).

Blurry Clementine!

I met Karis at Sew Pro, and she’s as lovely and helpful as she is talented.

The CloBird Facebook group is an active one, full of photos and tips about all of her designs and her club memberships, but the Fiona wallet seems to pop up an awful lot as a favorite pattern, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I decided to time myself. While I do have experience with making bags and wallets, I’m not an expert. Let’s call me an overconfident beginner!

I gathered all of the materials (I had everything on hand and didn’t have to go shopping) and pressed the fabric before starting the timer. I kept the timer running except when I paused to take photos.

Cutting took 20 minutes. I included the optional penholder loop. I love a pattern that lets me use my rulers and rotary cutter. I even used a rotary for the curved flap piece.Fusing the Shapeflex only took a few minutes, but then for some reason my magnetic snap gave me conniptions when assembling the flap, so that took about 15 minutes. That was no fault of the pattern. It’s very clearly written.

The next few pages took only about 5 minutes each, but then on page 6, I had a little trouble with edge stitching the zipper because I didn’t pay attention to where the metal end of the zipper was and didn’t cut it off before my needle hit it and broke. Oops! Twenty minutes for that segment.

Folding the credit card slot panel was easy, because I used a hera marker. Hera markers don’t leave surface markings, they leave creases to follow. I found that the creases show through on the other side, so folding was easy on both sides of the fabric.

From start to finish, the Fiona wallet took me less than two hours. It’s not a huge wallet, but there’s plenty of room for the essentials: six card slots, cash pocket, zippered coin pocket, and pen holder. I like the flap that holds it all together–it adds an opportunity to add a little extra pizzazz when selecting fabrics. The pattern is well written and clearly illustrated, and there’s lots of support available in the Facebook group if needed.

It’s fun to make, but personally, I’ll continue to use the Clementine, which suits my own needs and tastes.



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    1. As a quilter, I really appreciate her use of 1/4″ seams here, let me tell you! I’ve liked every pattern I’ve tried from Karis. Tag me when you make one–I’d love to see!

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