It’s been an eventful and productive week here in the Pines! Plus, spring has finally decided to arrive, so I get to sit on the porch and type this. It feels good to be outside!

First off, we’ve got a week left for entries to the Design Dare linky party, and I want to see your ideas! The next challenge will be posted next Friday, May 4, and you have until then to enter your sketch/design/finished project based on this delectable cupcake photo.

First Friday Design Dare Umbrella Cupcake with Color Palette

I think there’s still a little time left to enter the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop drawing, too, but even if you miss entering this week, you’ll get to visit some fantastic blogs. The Hop has a bye week next week and will return on May 7, 2018.

I knocked two items off of my unfinished object (UFO) list this week (I fell behind on the challenge thanks to some excitement involving MY ENTIRE STUDIO FLOOR REQUIRING REPLACEMENT, but that’s another story)–the first is a small wall hanging made from a panel that I picked up at a show a couple of years ago. I had someone in mind when I made it, but I wasn’t sure they would like it. They do! So it will head off to its happy home soon. Travel Trailer Caravan Panel Wall Hanging The other UFO is much older. I tracked down a Facebook photo, and I pieced the top in January 2012, when I’d only been quilting for about three months. The pattern is “Slide Show” by Atkinson Designs.Slide Show quilt (pattern by Atkinson Designs)On top of all that excitement, I visited the Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey, where I saw tons of beautiful quilts, visited every single vendor (well, almost), and chatted briefly with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, who is lovely and personable as well as a talented designer and savvy businessperson.

Of course, I bought stuff:

Silk and shweshwe fabrics
I can never resist silk, and the same vendor has some gorgeous shweshwe fabric that I’m anxious to play with.
A pattern, a kit, and some needles.
I fell in love with this VFW pattern, and I got a kit from Rachel Rossi. My daughter has been in a flamingo phase along with the rest of the known world. Also, I wanted to try titanium needles from Superior Thread. I’ve heard they’re good.
Fat quarters
An assortment of fat quarters that caught my fancy, and that SPECTACULAR Australian crab fabric that I won’t want to cut right away.

The best part, though, was running into quilty friends–some I expected to see, but many I didn’t. I met two people from this New Quilt Bloggers! Jen from Dizzy Quilter volunteered to white glove (and had several gorgeous quilts in the show–some all hers, others she had quilted) and Rachel Rossi of Rachel Rossi Designs had a booth chock full of eye candy. I spent some time chatting with Nicole from 1 Choice for Quilting, whom I met at the Philly MQG retreat in November. She happened to white glove the area where my bargello was hanging, and was kind enough to pass on some of the compliments that she heard (and may possibly have instigated by telling people that she knows me).

Oh…did I mention that MY BARGELLO WAS THERE?I Didn't Want to Make This Quilt Bargello


I’ve put quilts in shows before, like my local guild show. This quilt won several awards at our County Fair (and yes, I’ve shared it way too much on Instagram), which was AMAZING–but I’ve never entered a quilt into a juried competition. I decided on a whim to enter this one, in part because I had heard that this a show that returns the judges’ comments to the quilter. Since I made this quilt for myself, without plans for showing it anywhere but my living room, I figured my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if it was rejected. And I’m thrilled to say that it really did look like it belonged in the show–it wasn’t out of place at all.

Oh, and guess what else? After I get it back, I’m shipping it to Oregon to hang at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. It turns out that it’s not a juried show, and I just thought it would be a neat thing to do. Sadly, I can’t get there this July like I’d hoped, so if one of you happens to go, I’d really appreciate pics of it hanging!

Maybe I’ll enter another one in Sisters next year and make it a point to schedule my summer so I can visit. After all, as it says on that little Happy Camper quilt, Life is an Adventure!

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9 Replies to “Two Finishes and a Quilt Show

    1. Thank you! I was happy that my friend said she likes it. She’s a quilter, too, so she’ll definitely appreciate it.

  1. Hi Becca,
    The Slide Show quilt has been one of my favorites, and one that I’ve always meant to make. And your Bargello quilt is just gorgeous – look at all the wonderful movement in it. Both are just fab.
    ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. You are on a roll with two UFO’s conquered 🙂 Those little campers are adorable. I love the orange peels and and circle quilting on Slide Show. Some times UFO’s need to set a bit before they are ready for us to finish them. I want to craw into the photos with your fabric scores. They are beautiful! I may have bumped my head on the computer screen 😛

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