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Over the past week, I attended an art quilt club meeting and a quilt guild by-laws committee meeting. I successfully sold a couple of things I no longer use and freed up some studio space. And I participated in a “free art” movement for the first time–which brings me to What I Made!


There’s a movement called Free Art Friday that involves artists going out and leaving artwork around public spaces for people to pick up and take home. You can put clues on social media and also leave your info with the art so the finders can tag you. It’s called an art drop.

I’ve stalked the local group for a while now, and decided that I’d try it this month. I love making Instaquilts–so called because I started making them for friends from their Instagram photos–and picked out a collection of my own photographs to feature different colors in a series of postcards.

Using Photoshop, I removed most of the color from the photo and resize the picture (in this case to 4″ x 6″) on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ canvas. I chose appropriate short quotes and added text to another part of the canvas. I use a sublimation printer, but you can use an inkjet printer and a printable fabric product.

Orange is the happiest color.

Then I cut the photos out and backed the lettering with HeatnBond Lite. I always try to leave about 3/8 of an inch around each word as I cut it out, then I arrange it on the photo and press it into place. Usually, at this point, I stitch down the words and then fuse the image onto regular batting for a little bit of quilting.

Blue Instaquilt

For this project, though, since I was making postcards, I decided to make them a little bit sturdier. I fused the fabric to an ultrafirm fusible stabilizer and then stitched down the words, foregoing any other quilting. Then I added a blank cardstock postcard to the reverse and zigzagged around the edge.

Colorless green ideas

I slipped each postcard into a vellum bag with a business card, then put those into a sandwich bag with a slip of paper explaining the concept of Free Art Friday.

Free Art Friday Hammonton

Next, I brought my young accomplice to Hammonton, NJ, on the first Friday of the month, when the town was preparing for the opening day of the local Fringe Festival. After bribing her with a frozen hot chocolate, we consulted the list of venues for the festival and walked around the area to “hide” all six postcards. Fortunately, I remembered duct tape and scissors.

So far, one person has tagged me that they picked up a piece. I hope to hear from more!

Reusable Lunch Sets

A dear friend asked if I could make reusable sandwich wraps, snack bags, and napkins for her soon-to-be kindergartener. After some research on food-safe linings and questions about likes and dislikes, I made a sample set in which I accidentally sewed some things upside-down. I sent that set over (it was totally usable) to make sure the sizes, etc., were what they were looking for, and I made some notes to improve my work. Then I made a bunch more–and everything ended up right-side up, which was a plus.Reusable Lunch SetSix Reusable Lunch Sets

This Quilt, Again

I started adding a bit of walking foot quilting to this one. There’s not much done yet. I got distracted by those lunch sets. So no new picture!UFO

Plans for This Week

Piecing Sticky Candy, working ahead a bit on #100Days100Blocks2018, and finishing up the quilting on that UFO.

What have you made? Link up here!

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7 Replies to “What I Made Monday (06 August 2018)

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and what you’ve been up too! Those lunch kits are fantastic!! Do I have to be a kindergartner or can adults use them for their lunch as well?? And the art . . . what a cute idea! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Paula! I suspect that the adults in my friend’s household will “borrow” their kid’s lunch kits on the regular. 😉

  2. Those postcards are so cool! What a neat idea.

    What did you use to line the lunch sets? I love the idea of beautiful reusable products. I’ve only seen people line them with regular ziploc bags, and it seems like little hands would destroy those pretty quickly.

  3. Hi Becca! I love your postcards! What a cool concept Free Art is, I’m going to look if there is a movement here in PA.
    The lunch bags are so cute, I really like the tulip fabric 🌷
    It’s always fun seeing what you are working on and while I’m here I will “grab” your What I made button 😊

    1. Thanks, Abbie! I’m sure you can find something–and if not, you can start it. Right??? Thanks for linking up!

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